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We love to hear from you, so if there’s anything you’d like to ask us, we’re here and ready to help in every way we can. If you’d like help with your Wired Angel product or online order:

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Customer Services, Wired Angel Ltd, 25 Church Street, Lutterworth, LE17 4AE

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About Us

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Wired Angel is a luxury bohemian fashion brand based in the UK and Ibiza.

Wired Angel is a destination for every girl that can shop coveted pieces inspired from the most glamorous destinations across the globe. The brand has a bohemian edge, where creativity and individuality are expressed through our desirable collections.

Arraminta, the creative mind behind Wired Angel Clothing, firstly was inspired by her travels on the White Isle. The care-free glamorous lifestyle was not only appealing but the energy of the island had her hooked. The fashion, the people, the beautiful locations made her feel at home. Realising she could not go back to what she once knew. A desire to travel, she then explored new styles and cultures from around the globe. Returning home she put her dreams into action and started designing on trend bohemian inspired pieces that girls cannot live without.

We want to empower all women to feel good about themselves by creating something a little special. Our collections are anything but conventional, Wired Angel is a brand that doesn’t follow trends but makes them.

Arraminta Maloy

Director, Wired Angel

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